We look like a much positive team says, Robbie Fowler

We look like a much positive team says, Robbie Fowler

SC East Bengal was undefeated in their last 5 matches in the ISL after a series of misfortunes. The team will come back to begin their next match against Kerala Blasters in the ISL. There are a lot of changes on both sides of the teams since Dec. In the previous game, they drew the match between the team and the score was 1 -1. Also, regardless of being in 9th position on the ISL league table, they get themselves only 5 points away from a playoff position. They have to win more matches to qualify.

Robbie Fowler stated that “We are not moving diverted. We are on a decent brief run and when individuals rushed to censure us, we were not moving diverted and similarly. We know there is a lot of hard work that we will do”.

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We look like a much more positive team. We are in a decent space however we need to continue to develop and do what we are doing. Until now, it has advanced more than how we would have preferred toward the beginning.

SC East Bengal
SC East Bengal

The expansion of youthful Splendid Nigerian footballer Enobakhare has supported their forward line with the contributing 2 important goals from the 3 ISL match. The midfield has additionally ventured up, giving 7 of their ten important goals in this 2021 ISL season offering more than some other midfield.

Like SC East Bengal, Kerala Blasters’s counter-attack has likewise been in acceptable structure, scoring thirteen goals. We have included 8 diverse goals scorers for the Kerala Blasters’ side. Yet, Kerala Blasters’s striving safeguard isn’t an issue for the head coach as long as his side has scored more goals in the ISL.

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Kibu Vicuna stated that “The key thing isn’t tied in with surrendering however, scoring more than the rival. On the off chance that you score more than you yield, the assurance is consequently high. We are dealing with that”.

The significant thing right presently is that in the last couple of matches we have made possibilities. We need to proceed with this with equilibrium and limit rivals to lesser possibilities and guarantee that they don’t score goals.

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