The Election Commission gave stricter rules on rallies for the upcoming phases

The Election Commission gave stricter rules on rallies for the upcoming phases

Taking a solid note of the dramatically rising cases of Coronavirus, on the 16th of April, the Election Commission gave stricter rules and forced restrictions on rallies for the upcoming election phases of Bengal. Election Commission of India’s committee board shortened the rally time by three hrs up to 7 PM.

Conjuring its plenary authority under Part XV of the Constitution of India, the Election Commission of India prohibited assemblies, public gatherings, road plays, and sabhas between 7 PM and 10 AM, beginning from 16th of April, on any day that rallies are permitted. Furthermore, the Election Commission broadened the quiet phase prior to the election from 2 days to 3 days for the remaining election phases.

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The Election Commission has asked every one of the applicants and parties to stick to the Coronavirus strict protocols and furthermore clarified that it would be the duty of the parties to give masks and sanitizers to everyone individuals going to the rallies or public gatherings.

The Election Commission stated that nominees and parties will guarantee supreme, rehash outright, adherence to Coronavirus rules in letter and soul. “Disobedience, if any will be harshly managed and activity, including criminal activity, taken according to legal framework”.

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The EC has given an outright position to the DEO Officials to uphold Coronavirus rules and will drop the gatherings and political rallies if the guidelines set somewhere near the EC are not obeyed. DEO stands for District Election Officers.

The EC additionally took a genuine view against rehashed disobedience by political leaders who should be forerunners for the mission against Coronavirus, terribly disregarding Coronavirus conventions, in this way uncovering themselves just as people in general to the peril of disease. The Election Commission had given a severe warning recently against disobedience of Coronavirus rules and said it would not be reluctant in prohibiting rallies.

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