Teaser of Sidharth Shukla’s Broken But Beautiful 3 is out

Teaser of Sidharth Shukla’s Broken But Beautiful 3 is out

The mini trailer of the most anticipated series, Broken But Beautiful 3 is out and it is past astounding. The 3rd season of this web series Yet Excellent, featuring new pair of television actors Sidharth Shukla and actress and production designer Sonia Rathee, will take the crowd through an enthusiastic exciting ride. The 2 seasons of the show were monstrously mainstream among the majority and they made an imprint in the hearts of the crowds.

The 3rd season additionally guarantees an excellent story of love and yearning between the two characters of this web series. The first and second seasons made a very special spot in the hearts of the watchers. The show has been applauded by fans and other celebrities the same for its contacting romantic tale, offbeat narrating, profound tunes, and splendid work.

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Since the declaration of Broken But Beautiful 3 with another story and various actors, fans have been yearning for updates and sneak looks. The Broken But Beautiful 3 web series is a story that spins around the existence of Agastya and Rumi. Rumi, the girl of an industrialist, and makes her acting debut with a play directed by Agastya. It is a heartfelt story of how they approached one another and go through a thrill ride of feelings.

The teaser says about love, passion, sorrow, and the unavoidable love triangle. The Broken But Beautiful 3 is by all accounts very exceptional as it talks about sentiment as well as about dropping out of love. In this teaser, heartbroken Sidharth Shukla can be seen saying, “What is love anyway? A four-letter glamorized word for self-inflicted pain…” whereas, a super glamorized Sonia says, “Love is something that you can chase all your life, but not something that you need.”

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This web series indicates Sidharth Shukla’s OTT debut. Talking about the web series in December, Sidharth stated that, “I am excited to declare my work with the 3rd season of this web series, However excellent, a show which was immensely cherished, respected, and valued by all. I have heard extraordinary things about the prior 2 seasons, and I am eager to work with Ekta Kapoor in this one for whom I have all the regard and appreciation. I am anticipating this web series”. It will be launch on 29 May.

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