Sonic Boom by Military Fighter Jet but no explosion

Sonic Boom by Military Fighter Jet but no explosion

A sonic boom or loud noise heard by the Paris citizens. The boom sound is so energetic that everyone in Paris got into panicked. The Shockwave shook the windows and was heard every corner in the Paris. Huge people were calling for the police but the police told the people not to call the emergency service, the situation is under-control.

“A very loud noise was heard in Paris and in the Paris region. It was not an explosion, it was a fighter jet crossing the sound barrier,” – The French police said on their twitter account.

The French military said that the jet had been confused to go to the aid of other aircraft that had lost radio communication, and was permitted to travel at supersonic speed. There was no sign of smoke in the sky, but the buildings were shaking.

French air force spokesman said that, “A Rafale, carrying out an intervention to assist an aircraft that had lost contact, was authorised to break the sound barrier to reach the aircraft in difficulty,”.

At that time, during the French tennis tournament, it was clearly heard by the player. In this match Switzerland’s star player Stan Wawrinka and the opponent German player Dominik Koepfer paused the game for a few miniutes after hearing the sonic boom.

A few weeks back two people were wounded in an knife attack in Paris near the former office of Charlie Hebdo.