Softbank launched Leica Leitz Phone 1 brand new mobile phone in Japan

Softbank launched Leica Leitz Phone 1 brand new mobile phone in Japan

Most mobile phones look and feel practically something similar. Along these lines, when you go over one that is somewhat unique, it gets important to pause and have another glance. Indeed, it is only one out of every odd day that you see a mobile phone with interesting great features showing up available, yet it happens incidentally, as with the YotaPhone, with an in-built screen reader.

Presently, there is another that is snatching the main spot and it is from an organization that is known for its cameras, optical lenses, photographic lenses, binoculars and it is the German company Leica Camera. Truth be told, Japanese multinational company SoftBank has released another mobile phone with a solitary Leica sensor at the backside of the smartphone, which is the greatest right now accessible on any mobile phone – it likewise accompanies a camera focal point at the back.

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Following the long-lasting cooperation with Huawei and the latest Sharp AQUOS R6, Leica is, at last, releasing its own mobile phone. As reported at a press conference in Tokyo recently, the Leica Leitz Phone 1 is the company’s first self-marked smartphone. The camera creator is not hesitant to concede that this smartphone is really a redesign of Sharp AQUOS R6 which is definitely not something terrible by any means, with the former underlining a genuine Leica experience and comfort down to the degree of modern plan and UI and also the user interface.

Leica Leitz Phone 1 Specifications

The Leica Leitz Phone 1’s specifications and details are great and it’s just awesome. It has a 1 inch 20 MP sensor with a 19mm-equivalent f/1.9 ultrawide lens and has a 12.6 megapixel for taking selfie. It is taken cover behind a big camera bump that takes after a more significant part of the lense, to such an extent that the smartphone ships with a Leica’s lens cap. It supports a 6.6-inch 120Hz IGZO OLED display, with a 120Hz refresh rate and with 2,730 x 1,260 pixels. Leica Leitz Phone 1 powered by an SD 888 chipset and the battery capacity is 5000 mAh. It will support 12 GB of Ram and 256GB of storage. It can be expandable up to 1 TB through a microSD card. It is certified with IP68 dust/water resistance.

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Leica Leitz Phone 1 Price

This smartphone will not be simple on your budget, you need a very big budget notwithstanding. The handset’s price 187,920 in Japanese Yen and almost $1700 and in the Indian currency it will cost 1.26 lakh rupees. Right now, it is presently restrictive to Japan, and there is no word on when it will come to different nations including India. Notwithstanding, camera fans may discover the camera particulars on this smartphone might be reason enough alongside Leica’s camera and the camera cover.

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