Old Trafford will host 23,500 Spectators in the stadium as Govt gives a signal

Old Trafford will host 23,500 Spectators in the stadium as Govt gives a signal

The Manchester United Football Club said that Old Trafford will host 23,500 spectators in the stadium as Govt gives a signal to reopen. Old Trafford will also maintain the social distance between the peoples for the stop spread of coronavirus. Manchester United has also said that we have followed all the Govt safety protocols to secure the safety of the spectators.

Old Trafford

Manchester united football club’s chief Operating Officer Collette Roche said that, “It is very dazing to comprehend why fans can assemble in different settings, for example, on a plane or in a restaurant, or even in a theatre to watch a football game, when we realize we have the plans and the cycle is prepared to convey a match day here securely. We were truly disillusioned when the Govt administration chose not to permit spectators back in the Old Trafford football arena in October since we have everything set up to ensure we can do so securely.”

“We went through around two months of working with the Govt administration rules to build up the correct cycles and measures to ensure that we can have around 23,500 spectators in this Old Trafford stadium securely social distancing. The administration of Govt gave us certain rules and it is those rules that we have to obey. I am persuaded that we have the ability to do it securely”, Collette Roche added.

The United Kingdom Govt had wanted to permit restricted peoples once again into entering the football stadiums from October, however PM Boris Johnson just pause those planes a month ago because of the amid coronavirus cases. Manchester United has also released a statement that a yearly total deficit of $30.24 million, with the club additionally saying they have lost almost 70 million pounds in the June because of the coronavirus.