Mukesh Khanna declined his death rumors and said he is totally okay

Mukesh Khanna declined his death rumors and said he is totally okay

One of the greatest actors in Television in the late 90s is Mukesh Khanna, who is known for his part in shows like Shaktimaan (Indian comic character) and Mahabharat, on 11th May, declined his death rumors and expressed that he is totally okay. Actor Mukesh Khanna shared a footage clip of himself speaking with his fans via Instagram and Facebook.

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The Shaktimaan actor stated in the footage, “With your favors, I am totally solid and safe. I do not have Coronavirus infections and I was not admitted to any hospital. I do not have the foggiest idea who made this type of false news and I don’t have a clue what is the aim of the peoples who spread such false news. They alter people’s feelings with such bogus news. What ought to be the treatment for such intellectually mad people? Who will rebuff their offenses, nothing more will be tolerated. Presently it is excessively. There ought to be a stop on such bogus news,”.

“Everybody has grown up watching and gaining from ‘Shaktimaan’ TV series. I have been promising ‘Shaktimaan’ fans for some time now that Shaktimaan 2.0 is coming up. Thus, I am more than glad and feel amazingly capable towards fans who have literally grown up with me. I have consistently said Vijayee bhava to everybody, except now I think I need to say something very similar to myself. May God is with me”.

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Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna, who has worked in a few movies and TV series. The Shaktimaan actor acquired popularity with his Doordarshan series Shaktimaan, which broadcasted during the late 90s. He is additionally known for assuming the part of Bhishma on film director Baldev Raj Chopra’s serial Mahabharat. He has acted in films like Saudagar (1991), Yalgaar movie, and many more.

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