Karthik Rapolu’s Ek Mini Katha will launch on 27 May on Amazon Prime

Karthik Rapolu’s Ek Mini Katha will launch on 27 May on Amazon Prime

Newcomer Film director Karthik Rapolu’s Ek Mini Katha Telugu actor Santosh Sobhan and actress Kavya Thapar in their character roles. The Ek Mini Katha’s trailer is already out on Thursday and got a positive reaction from the pundits and crowd the same. Produced by UV Concepts and Mango Mass Media Pvt Ltd, the story written by Indian film director and screenwriter Merlapaka Gandhi.

The movie will launch on the 27th of May on Amazon Prime Video. The creators of this movie delivered the film’s trailer on the 20th of May. The lighthearted comedy is a light-hearted movie, which narratives Santosh Saban’s life. The movie is packed with humorous incidents that make certain to inspire some chuckling among the crowd.

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Though the specific storyline information has been left hidden, the romantic comedy film manages a somewhat surprising subject that everybody faces. “It was a flat-out revolt while shooting this film! The composition, the heading was so right on the money, that playing the character came effectively to me.

“The way that this theme is so instilled truly that the finer nuances of the roles were not exceptionally hard to depict. Ek Mini Katha is a flat-out enjoyment to watch, and I can hardly wait for crowds to watch it possibly”. Author Merlapaka Gandhi stated that “This story is near my heart, I needed to note down in pages something that is one of a kind and hasn’t been seen before”.

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“I likewise chose to not give the movie a genuine tone, absolutely on the grounds that it gets long-winded. Issues like these, when tended to in a happy way become conversational and more worthy. I am happy that this film is delivering on Amazon Prime, with its range to 240+ nations and regions, we will actually want to start this discussion with such countless more individuals.”

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