Indian Govt sends 10 lakhs Kg of rice to Comoros and Madagaskar

Indian Govt sends 10 lakhs Kg of rice to Comoros and Madagaskar

On 15th March, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Comoros) Dhoihir Dhoulkamal expressed gratitude toward India for the help of 10 lakhs Kg of rice and he also said that Indians and Comorians are brothers. During a short visit to Comoros 2 years ago, India’s vice president Venkaiah Naidu had vowed to send this transfer of 10 lakhs Kg as food help. Labeling Indian Strategy the embassy on 14th March discussed the news with footage in which the Indian Navy’s ship can be seen showing up at the Comoros port.

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One year ago, INA Kesari showed up in Comoros with a transfer of Coronavirus-related fundamental meds from India and fourteen people of the health team to work with the Comorian medical officials in managing the Coronavirus circumstance and mosquito-borne viral disease dengue fever. Indian Naval Ship Mumbai and Trikand made an altruistic visit to the Moroni port of Comoros 3 years ago.

INA Ship

The Indian embassy in Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. Two countries had stated that the shipment of 10 lakhs Kg of rice alongside clinical help reached out by India to Comoros in the period of show India’s obligation to cooperate with Comoros, its sea neighbor, and accomplice in the Indo-Pacific region.

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After giving over the transfer to the FM Dhoihir Dhoulkamal in the function on Monday, the Indian Naval Ship Jalashwa will make a trip directly to the Ehoala Port to convey another transfer including 10 lakhs Kg of rice and 1 lakhs tablet of Hydroxychloroquine, which was guaranteed by Subrahmanyam Jaishanka in light of an allure made by the nation for fortitude and help with managing the compassionate emergency in the South of Madagascar caused because of the serious dry season.

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