Indian Entrepreneurs want an Indian app store to break Google’s Monopoly

Indian Entrepreneurs want an Indian app store to break Google’s Monopoly

Indian entrepreneurs and startup founders want an Indian app store to break the Google’s monopoly in the Indian market. The developers and the co-founders across the country asked the govt to support them to create an Indian app store. They are building their alliance against the global search engine giant Google.

India’s top entrepreneurs like Vijay Shekhar Sharma co-founder of PAYTM, Deep Kalra start up founder of Makemytrip, CEO of PolicyBajaar ,’s Murugavel Janakiraman and many more start up owners requested an app impartiality and said that “If India has net impartiality, why can’t we have app impartiality? A body monitored by the govt can ensure app impartiality, fairness and objectivity.”

They have discussed the topic in a meeting on Tuesday that how we create a larger platform to host the local apps to tackle the duopoly’s of Google and Apple. They have also a plan to approach the Reserve bank of India (RBI) and financial minister to see this matter on google play store purchase commission policy. CCAvenue’s founder said that, “The government has to certainly step in and take the lead on this. If there is some kind of restriction imposed due to geopolitical tensions, an Indian app store can save the day for everyone.”

Recently the Indian app developers made allegations against google and said that google forced them to create google’s own payment gateway like google pay. Google explained that users can make payment through other UPI services but google will cut 30 % of the commission of the app related payment. This is so unfair. Read here – Developer Program Policy

Deepak also says in twitter that, “Play Store’s new payment policy since 20-1-2021 has also now included education, dating & fitness to use google billing (which means 30% gatekeeper’s tax to them). Also they have clearly laid out policy for not promoting off-app billing of any paid feature”.

The Indian start-up founders hope that an Indian app store can break the Google’s monopoly. The NPCI also had released his Rupay card in 2012 against the Visa and Mastercards in the Indian payment card market.