Indian Army deployed Infantry Combat Vehicles, T-90 and T-72 tanks in Eastern Ladakh

Indian Army deployed Infantry Combat Vehicles, T-90 and T-72 tanks in Eastern Ladakh

Now, The LAC(Line Of Actual Control) region is sensitive because both the country deployed additional troops. For additional layer, the Indian army has deployed infantry combat vehicles like BMP-2 which can operate up to minus 40-41 degree also deployed tanks like T-90 and T-72 in Chumar-Demchock area in Eastern Ladakh. China has also deployed Type 15 lightweight tanks.

The Chinese army had already tried to move their tanks and army on the southern bank of the Pangong Lake on 29 and 30 August but the Indian army is now dominating the whole area. Indian army continuously creates stability on the ground and didn’t cross the LAC.

Ladakh Standoff, Indian Army ready for harsh winter in Ladakh

In this covid-19 pandemic , after Diwali the winter will create a critical situation for both the country. This year is awaiting the worse winter. In recent years Eastern Ladakh faced worse winters. The temperature will go down between minus 35-40 degree and during the night both the army has to tackle the cold high speed winds. Chief of Staff of the 14 corps, Major General Arvind kapoor said that, “Winters in Ladakh going to be harsh. We’re absolutely in control as far as advanced winter stocking & forward winter stocking is concerned. High calorific & nutritious ration, fuel & oil, winter clothing & heating appliances all available in adequate numbers.” and also said that, “The Fire and Fury Corps is the only formation of the Indian Army and also in the world to have actually deployed mechanised forces in such harsh terrain. The maintenance of the tanks, infantry combat vehicles and heavy guns is a challenge in this terrain. To ensure crew and equipment readiness, adequate arrangements are in place for both man and machine

Winters in Ladakh going to be harsh

At an altitude of 14,800 feet the Mechanized Infantry is the best infantry in the Indian army to work in a harsh weather condition and also tough terrain. They have the capability to fight for a longer duration. The Indian tank regiments also capable of overcoming obstacles in the Eastern Ladakh.

In recent months, both the country didn’t find an exact solution through meeting and also talks. The tension between the border rises continuously. China has deployed 40,000 – 50,000 troops with heavy artillery and tank regiments.