Indian Air Force’s MiG-21 Bison has crashed in Rajasthan’s Suratgarh

Indian Air Force’s MiG-21 Bison has crashed in Rajasthan’s Suratgarh

Indian Air Force’s MiG-21 Bison fighter aircraft has crashed in Rajasthan’s Suratgarh. TheMiG-21 Bison slammed while landing. According to media reports, the pilot of the MiG-21 Bison fighter aircraft has endured the accident and there has been no harm to property.

The MiG-21 Bison military aircraft slammed at the Suratgarh airforce station of Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan, where the pilot is protected and the IAF officials have arrived at the spot. The military aircraft was on a customary practice flight. The crowds told the Indian Air Force after the impact.

During a preparation foray in the western area, a MiG-21 Bison fighter aircraft encountered a significant technical problem tonight. The pilot launched out securely at about 8.15 pm. There is no death toll. IAF’s MiG-21 Bison fighter aircrafts faced Pakistani’s F-16 fighter jets in 2019 in the outcome of the Indian Air Force’s Balakot airstrike in Pakistan.

IAF's MiG-21 Bison fighter aircraft
IAF’s MiG-21 Bison fighter aircraft

In 1961, the Indian Air Force obtained the design MiG 21. The single-seater multirole fighter aircraft of Russian origin. It has a max speed of Mach 2.1 and conveys one 23mm twin-barrel gun with four R-60 close battle rockets. IAF has lost 27 airplanes, including 15 fighter aircraft and helicopters, in accidents since 2016.

In 2016, 6 Indian Air Force jets, 2 helicopters, 1 transport airplane, and 1 trainer aircraft crashed. In 2017, the IAF lost 2 jets and 1 trainer aircraft in accidents. The number rose strongly in 2018 with the Indian Air Force losing 7 jets, 2 helicopters, and 2 trainer aircraft.

This is apparently the primary such occurrence of the year. India purchased MiG-21 in 1961. The Indian Air Force has been as yet flying the airplane even after numerous lethal episodes as of late.