If workers even had to pee in bottles, nobody would work for the company, says Amazon

If workers even had to pee in bottles, nobody would work for the company, says Amazon

American technology company, Amazon‘s one former worker has appealed to the company in America for not arranging the required thirty mins meal breaks for workers. Amazon’s former worker Lovenia Scott who had worked in the company’s Amazon Fulfillment & Operation center in Vacaville Northern California affirmed that Amazon didn’t give sufficient breaks to employees.

“At the point when they got their meal breaks, employees were required to monitor their walky-talky if any issues on the floor, which some of the time cut into their meal break time” 1st complaint in Superior Court of California County of San Francisco in Feb month, the case has now been moved to United States District Court for the Central District of California.

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The claim additionally affirmed that movements were constantly understaffed which left a few workers unfit to require short ten mins break to complete their work on schedule. Recently, the company and a self-employed entity it worked with inside California were fined 6.4 million dollars for wage burglary by the California Labor Commissioner’s Office.

The inquiry tracked down that “Green Messengers, the subcontractor for the company, low paid drivers, arranging them 10 hrs in a day yet with a responsibility that constrained drivers to avoid a meal break and rest breaks”. A week ago, in the midst of mounting proof of supposedly abusing its underpaid employees, but the company denied shifty working conditions at its offices, including constraining depleted employees to pee in water bottles.

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American politician and businessman, Mark William Pocan stated that Amazon’s labor groups busting strategies charges are unverified. Giving employees 15 dollars per hour does not make you a cumulative workstation when you union bust and cause laborers to pee in bottles”.

The company stated that “You don’t actually accept the peeing in water bottles thing, isn’t that right? If this was valid, no one would work for the company. Actually, we have over 10 lakhs amazing workers all throughout the globe who are glad for what they do, and have incredible wages and medical care from the very first moment”. We trust you can establish strategies that get different workers to offer what we as of now do”.

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