I appeal to Modi to end the vendetta politics says Mamata Bannerjee

I appeal to Modi to end the vendetta politics says Mamata Bannerjee

On the 29th of May, Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee blamed BJP’s main Leader or PM Narendra Modi for seeking after grudge against govt’s vendetta for political issues against her after she skirted a conference on Typhoon Yaas. West Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee stated that the BJP led Govt was on the way to terms with its loss in the most recent 2021 Bengal assembly elections.

The Central government brought back civil servants and the current Chief Secretary of Bengal Alapan Bandyopadhyay to New Delhi, hours after the gathering line on May 28. The PM-led Govt claimed that Mamata di kept Narendra Modi and Governor of Bengal Jagdeep Dhankhar waiting tight for 30 minutes. Before Union Cabinet Ministers criticize her with his statement, considering the TMC leader directs a disastrous low and blamed her for putting presumption above open government assistance.

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Bengal CM also stated that “On the off chance that the Prime Minister advises me to touch his feet and consequently vows to help Bengal, I am prepared for that. Yet, kindly do not embarrass and affront me. Kindly quit playing this messy game. The Prime Minister was giving out uneven controlled news. On May 28, the Bhartiya Janta Party’s top leaders, including the JP Nadda and Amit Shah, transferred photos of the Prime Minster’s conference with void seats while blaming the Chief Ministers for avoiding the conference.

“There ought to be some politeness. The Central Government isn’t allowing the State Govt to work. Try not to affront me like this, don’t stigmatize West Bengal. Bengal is my need and I won’t ever place it at serious risk. I will stay as a safeguard for individuals here. My Chief, Home and finance Secretary has been going to conferences constantly. They are working for the Indian Govt, when will they do the state work”.

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“Since Narendra Modi and Amit Shah can’t process Bhartiya Janta Party’s loss in West Bengal, you have begun making issues for us from The very first moment. What is the deficiency of the central secretary…! She additionally mentioned that the Indian Govt to pull out its request to bring back the secretary, saying this was an affront of administrators the nation over.

Bringing back the main secretary in the midst of the Covid emergency proceeds to show that the Central Govt was enjoying vendetta politics. For what reason would you say you are focusing on him, Do you think the IAS officer, IPS officer, and other common administrations don’t have an entryway? Try not to affront or challenge them. They are work really hard.”

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