Few android applications were crashed later Google fixed the issues

Few android applications were crashed later Google fixed the issues

A few Android OS users were puzzled by the app notifications advising them that a significant number of applications of Google, including Google’s free email service Gmail, have crashed. The impacted applications additionally incorporate Google Pay and Chrome. The company has recognized the issue from the beginning on the 23rd of March and stated that it will update the users when the issue is settled.

The problems started on the 22nd of March evening and endured around 7 hrs, as per the Google Workspace dashboard for Gmail. The company suggested utilizing the desktop application until problems were fixed.

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Google stated that “We are mindful of an issue with Gmail impacting a huge portion of the peoples. The impacted peoples can not use the Gmail android app. We will give the latest update when we hope to determine the issue. Peoples can utilize the Gmail desktop application”.

The company has resolved the issue by giving updates for both Android WebView and Chrome applications in Google Play Store. The Android WebView version 89.0.4389.105 incorporates resolved the fix, so now your applications are not to crash on your smartphone. You would likewise have to update Chrome from the Google play store. We have settled the issue with Android WebView that caused some applications on Android to crash for certain peoples”.

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Samsung US support proposed users clear the Android WebView update and restart their smartphones to fix the problem. The process is: Go to the mobile settings > applications > click the 3 dots option in the upper right corner > show system applications > look for Android System WebView > do the Uninstall updates.”

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