Edhi Foundation proposed to send 50 ambulances to India to help battle with Covid-19

Edhi Foundation proposed to send 50 ambulances to India to help battle with Covid-19

Pakistan’s non-profit social welfare organization Edhi Foundation, famous for its generous work, on 23rd March, proposed to send 50 emergency ambulance vehicles to India to help peoples to adapt to an enormous flood in Covid cases that have shaken medical infrastructure in a few urban areas in the country. Abdul Sattar Edhi’s son Faisal Edhi and Faisal Edhi also the director of this organization, written an official letter to Indian PM Modi on the 23rd of March in which he communicated his distress on the Coronavirus emergency in India and proposed his assistance in going up against the coronavirus battle.

“We are extremely sorry to see about the particularly weighty impact that the coronavirus’s second wave has had on your nation, where countless individuals are enduring immensely. we might want to expand our assistance as fifty emergency ambulance vehicles alongside our administrations to help you intend to, and further overcoming present’s health situations”.

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“We just look for authorization from the Indian govt to go with the emergency ambulance vehicles and a group, including specialists, medical staff, ambulance drivers, and health workers. We will manage every one of the vital supplies that our staff needs to help individuals of India. Significantly, we are not mentioning some other help from you, as we are giving the fuel, food, and vital conveniences that our group will require”

The Edhi Foundation stated that in its letter that it wished to stretch out full help to peoples of India without causing any bother and would manage all provisions that would be required by any of its staff permitted to work across the line. Given the stressed ties between India and Pakistan, onlookers stated that it was far-fetched that Edhi’s proposal would be acknowledged.

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Gotten some information about this matter, the director of Edhi stated that “We have made the proposal and are completely set up to help by working any place the govt need us to help. We will collaborate completely with the local peoples and authorities.”

The Edhi’s emergency ambulance vehicle operates across Pakistan is known for being more effective than state-run administrations and regularly arrive at the site of terrorist attacks and any kind of incident. The organization is additionally runs orphanages, hospitals, homes for the older age peoples and also langers.

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