ECI has dismissed the TMC’s appeal for vote recount at Nandigram

ECI has dismissed the TMC’s appeal for vote recount at Nandigram

The ECI has dismissed the TMC‘s statement for a votes recount at Nandigram Vidhan Sabha constituency, where Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee had confronted her as one of the closest assets in the early days of TMC Suvendu Adhikari. The Returning Officer has stated that the vote results will be authoritatively announced after the Voter-verified paper audit trail slips are counted with the electoral votes on the EVMs. Following a day of strong rivalry.

The outcomes demonstrated that Mamata Banerjee had lost to Suvendu Adhikari by 1,736 votes in the Nandigram seat that was the highlight of the Bengal elections. It is to be noticed that West Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was at 1st announced the winner by 1,200 votes but, however following a couple of moments it was reported that Suvendu Adhikari has won by 1,756 votes.

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As far as it matters for her, Trinamool Congress and Chief Minister stated that something wrong occurred during votes counting at Nandigram and she would move toward the high courts and also the Supreme court. “Let the Nandigram villagers give whatever decision they need, I acknowledge that. Nandigram was a penance that was required in the bigger triumph. We have won the state. However, I will go to the High court since I have heard there was something wrong”.

Before long, a few members of Trinamool Congress met election officials, looking for Electoral votes recounting. In a letter to the ECI, the All India Trinamool Congress made different claims, including slowing down of vote counting occasionally, tampering with the EVMs, and consideration of bogus and false election votes for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

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TMC leader Derek O’Brien stated that “Something is off-putting about Nandigram, wouldn’t you say? TMC wins almost 200+ seats of West Bengal elections and the Bengal CM loses her seat – something off-putting going on in Nandigram”. Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee stated that “Nandigram is anything but a make a difference to me”.

“I have such countless seats yet something incorrectly has occurred there. Electronic voting machines tampered. The web server was down for 4 hrs. Wherever we are winning however we have lost there as it were. The ECI functioned as a representative of the Bharatiya Janata Party and now see what they are doing. 3 hrs back, it stated that something and now it is saying something different.”

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