Dharmesh Yelande tests positive for COVID-19

Dharmesh Yelande tests positive for COVID-19

Colors TV’s Dance Deewane Season 3 reality show is fearlessly pulling along after eighteen crew members of the reality show tested positive a week ago. All things considered, obviously, Indian actress Madhuri Dixit who is one of the appointed as a judge in this reality show was additionally tested negative also Dance Deewane’s host anchor Raghav Juyal, but Dharmesh Yelande and the Dance Deewane’s producer Arvind Rao tested positive. Arvind Rao is presently recuperating from Coronavirus and stated that “Dharmesh tested negative a week ago when he went to Goa to renovate his house. He should go along with us for the reality show on the 5th of April.

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However, before we begin shooting the reality show, everybody needs to go through a Coronavirus test. Dharmesh went through another COVID-19 test in Goa and he had shown symptoms, as well. He tried positive from the test, so we chose to acquire choreographer Shakti and Punit for the upcoming Dance Deewane episodes. They shot the show with Madhuri Ji and Judge Tushar.”

Producer Arvind Rao stated that “I had a horrendous spinal pain for a couple of days, no different symptoms except for only fever for a day. In any case, indeed, I was feeling exceptionally frail for as far back as a couple of days. Today is only that I am feeling vastly improved, completely fine. I still can’t seem to go through the COVID-19 test to check whether I am negative from the test at this point. I will do the test in a couple of days.”

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“We are looking it safe and not letting anyone inside, on the off chance that the individual doesn’t have a Coronavirus negative report completed 2 days prior. In any case, this infection proceeds to oppose and agitate all estimations and care. Returning to my contamination, I have moved to my mom’s house. My little girl is scarce two-yrs of age and I would not like to face any challenge. My mom’s flat has generally more space and I’m really protected here”.

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