Denmark helped the US spy on European top political leaders

Denmark helped the US spy on European top political leaders

Denmark’s Danish Defence Intelligence Service assisted America with keeping an eye on driving European top political leaders including the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, as per the DR broadcaster and other media companies. Danish Broadcasting Corporation stated that the United State’s Intelligence agency NSA, whose supposed tapping of Angela Merkel’s telephone was revealed by Edward Snowden.

He is a former computer intelligence consultant who leaked crucial classified information from the NSA in 2013, additionally utilized the DDIS to keep an eye on authorities in Sweden, Norway, and France. The charges are contained in a document report on the Danish Defence Intelligence Service’s job in the surveillance partnership contract with the National Security Agency from 2012 to 14 as per DR and referring to 9 unknown sources acquainted with the inquiry.

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It stated that the National Security Agency utilized Danish data cable links to keep an eye on senior authorities including the German President Frank Walter, and Former Federal Minister Peer Steinbrück. It was not satisfactory whether the Denmark govt approved the taps. After the report came up, former National Security Agency representative Edward Snowden stated that “In the event that just there had been some motivation to inquiry a few yrs prior. Gracious for what reason did not anybody caution us.

He also stated that 46th U.S. President Joe Biden is decidedly ready to respond in due order regarding this. “Joe Biden is decidedly ready to respond in due order regarding this when he before long visits Europe since, obviously, he was profoundly associated with this embarrassment the first run through around. There ought to be a need for full public disclosure from Denmark, yet their senior accomplice too”.

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Denmark, a close partner of America, has a few key landing stations for sub-ocean data cables to and from few European countries. Through focused on recoveries and the utilization of the National security Agency created a unique software known as Xkeyscore, National security Agency blocked the 2 calls, messages, and chats to and from phones of authorities in the adjoining nations, as per the Danish Broadcaster.

If affirmed, the spying was occurring during and after the 2013 Snowden undertaking, when the former National security Agency worker uncovered great many mystery records uncovering immense America’s reconnaissance activity mounted after the 9/11 terror attack.

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