CM of Pondicherry Velu Narayanasamy stepped down from the CM post

CM of Pondicherry Velu Narayanasamy stepped down from the CM post

On 22nd February, CM of Pondicherry Velu Narayanasamy and his ministers in the Pondicherry stepped down from the CM post after the Chief Minister lost the certainty vote looked for by CM notwithstanding its exhausted strength of eleven against the other opposition parties fourteen in the Assembly House.

In the wake of arranging a walkout from the house before the movement looking for certainty vote was set up with voting in the Assembly, Chief Minister continued to the official residence of Governor and presented his abdication to Lieutenant governor representative of Pondicherrry.

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In any case, Pondicherry Legislative Assembly’s Speaker V.P. Sivakolandhu declared that it stood loss after the CM, scrutinizing the privilege of the 3 assigned individuals to vote, driven a walkout of the decision All India Cong-Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party officials. opposition member of legislative assembly numbering fourteen from the Congress seven seats, All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party four seats, and Bhartiya Janta Party three nominated were in the Assembly when V.P. Sivakolandhu gave his decision.

The consequence of the floor test, which was called 4 days prior by the Governor, was on expected lines with the decision the party alliance losing larger part with a spate of acquiescences in the most recent month, and also 2 members 1 day ago, and decreased to twelve members in a thirty-three seats House with a current strength of twenty-six.

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On 22nd February, The house’s speaker V P Sivakozhundhu stated that the govt couldn’t demonstrate its majority part. V P Sivakozhundhu dismissed the Assembly sine die. Right away before the consequence of the floor test, CM asserted that the Bhartiya Janta Party was persuasively attempting to execute the Hindi language in the Union territory, which follows the 2-language system.

“We framed the govt in Pondicherry with the help of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party and free legislative assembly members. From that point onward, we confronted different elections. We have won all the seats by assembly elections. Unmistakably individuals ofPondicherry believe us”. Further hammering the Modi govt, CM stated that “We requested full statehood to prevent the selected Lieutenant governor from grabbing the privileges of individuals of Pondicherry.”

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