Archery kit lost in the fire, but manage to get 3 medals for Madhya Pradesh

Archery kit lost in the fire, but manage to get 3 medals for Madhya Pradesh

On the 13 of March, MP’S archery group wonderfully got away from the fire train and from the C-5 bogey of the New Delhi (NDLS) to Dehradun (DDN) Express. They even lost all their archery kit on the train. Be that as it may, on 14th March, similar bowmen pulled off one more wonder by conquering 3 medals in the 41st Junior NTPC (Indian Round, Recurve & Compound) National Archery Championships, held at Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

17-year-old Amit Kumar and 16-year-old Sonia Thakur drove the way and it is extraordinary when one understands they lost all their archery kit in the fire. They were disheartened however got the important equipment from Madhya Pradesh’s sports authorities. Yashodhara Raje Scindia, Minister of Sports and Youth Welfare of Madhya Pradesh stated that “I advised them this was only one of the numerous difficulties you will look throughout everyday life and you should be solid to beat it”.

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The greatest test for the group was to organize a new archery kit at such a limited time. MP sports minister guided the authorities to give all essential gear to the archers. The archery girl stated that The guidance of her dad, a gym teacher, was ringing in her ears. “He had advised me to not confine the maneuver of other peoples and if there should be an occurrence of fire stay low on the floor. That is the thing that we did. To see all our gear burn in the train, I wanted to lose something valuable. Like any child”.

“I cried a little as I lost my important documents. Yet, when we arrived at our destination, the mentors ensured that we just stress over getting a night’s rest”. It was mentor Ashok Yadav who originally detected the fire in the bogey and cautioned the players and the travelers. Amit hurried to tell the RPF in the train and later held the sliding entryway on the opposite side to allow the peoples to surge out from the fire train.

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Bronze medal winner Amit Kumar stated that “It was our 1st competitive event post the coronavirus pandemic. So the vast majority of us were talking and getting some information about our strategy and preparing during the train journey. At the point when Ashok sir saw the fire while getting back from the bathroom, he made us and revealed to us aware of surge and call the Railway Police Force. Our mentors and a few of us were helping the peoples. It implied that none of our kits could be saved”.

Sonia Thakur gave MP a silver medal with 642 points. In the young men’s recurve category, Amit Kumar shot 665 points. In the recurve mixed group category, the pair of Sonia and Amit Kumar won a silver medal for theirs state.

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