A baby girl born in the IndiGo flight from Bangalore to Jaipur

A baby girl born in the IndiGo flight from Bangalore to Jaipur

A very amazing thing happens in an IndiGo 6E 469 flight departure from Bengaluru to Jaipur city on the 17th of March. The Airport Authorities stated that “A newborn brought into the world on the flight of IndiGo, a baby girl born in the flight from Bangalore to Jaipur city. They conveyed the baby girl with the help of the IndiGo flight team, successfully helped by Dr. Subahana Nazir, going with us on the same IndiGo 6E 469 flight.”

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As the IndiGo airplane was cruising a huge number of feet noticeable all around, a lady traveler communicated inconvenience and was quickly managing the woman by the flight team. Understanding that the woman was completely pregnant, a message was sent through the mic, and after that, a passenger name Subahana Nazir comes to that lady and that person is a doctor.

Before long, Dr. Subahana Nazir helped by a flight team of individuals who took care of the lady in labor in an extraordinarily cordoned-off zone in the flight, and after a few minutes, the woman gave birth to a baby girl. The newborn baby’s amazing news was declared in the IndiGo flight to the celebration of every people onboard.

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The flight arrived at 8.05 am in the morning at Jaipur International Airport and the mother and her little one were promptly gone by anticipating the health specialists team. IndiGo also Stated that “Jaipur International Airport was hurriedly instructed to sort a medical doctor and an emergency ambulance on coming. Both the baby girl and the woman are safe now”. Expanding their appreciation for the convenient help, the IndiGo flight team additionally introduced the doctor to a special card with a “Thank you” message on the card.

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